Can I choose my Mentor?
Yes! You are able to choose your own Mentor through the Career Ready Mentoring online portal.  The system will suggest some suitable Mentors for you, and you can also browse through or use the filter options to search for available Mentors to find the best mentor to meet your mentoring goals.  Read each of the mentor profiles, identify your preferred Mentor and initiate a mentoring request.

How long is the mentoring program?
Mentoring partnerships run for 16 weeks and can end early or be extended if both parties agree. The number of meetings you have is negotiated with your mentor and is flexible however be prepared for a minimum contact of one hour per fortnight.  Mentors and mentees can negotiate to meet more frequently and contact can take place via email, Skype or telephone.

Can you help me find a mentor?
Yes. The Career Ready Mentoring Program Coordinator can assist you to find a suitable Mentor and provide tips on how to get the best out of your mentoring partnership. Please contact the Mentoring Program Coordinator via emailing mentoring@latrobe.edu.au

What can I expect a mentor to provide?
Career –related support can range from: setting career goals, shaping career direction, job search and application advice, how to deal with workplace challenges, networking opportunities and job shadowing.

How long before I can expect to hear from my preferred mentor?
Mentors have up to 5 days to consider you request.  If you have not received a response within this time frame, the mentoring partnership request will expire and you can initiate a request with another Mentor.

Can I have more than one mentor?
Yes, but not at the same time.  As a current student, you are welcome to connect with another Mentor after your mentoring partnership concludes.

I want a mentor from a particular background or industry. Is this possible?
It is possible, however in some cases we may not have Mentors registered who meet your requirements. Please note, if you are very particular about the characteristics of your Mentor it may limit your chances of being matched with a suitable Mentor.

What if I have concerns about an aspect of my mentoring partnership?
We encourage you to discuss any areas of concern regarding the mentoring partnership with your Mentor first. If you are unable to resolve this between you and your Mentor, then you can seek support and advice from the Mentoring Program Coordinator via email mentoring@latrobe.edu.au 

What will I learn from my Mentor?
When a Mentor accepts your mentoring partnership request, you will receive emails with information on setting up your first meeting and access to the Mentee Handbook, an online resource with tips on communicating, networking and activities for Mentees and Mentors for you to get the best from your mentoring partnership. Remember to complete the Career Ready Orientation and Mentoring Induction modules via the career management section on the MyLaTrobe app to earn rewards upon completion of your mentoring partnership.
Where will I meet my Mentor?
Meetings need to be scheduled at a location and time which is suitable for both parties, however it is preferable that Mentees work around their Mentor’s schedule.  Please note there is no requirement for Mentors to meet you on campus, and if fact we would encourage you to meet your Mentor at their workplace or a location nearby.

My Mentor and I are located in different cities – what are our options?
If your Mentor is located in a different city, you may want to connect with them remotely, via email or video such as Skype or Google Hangouts.

Do I get academic credit points for participating in the Career Ready Mentoring program?
Students participate in Career Ready Mentoring program voluntarily to take advantage of the career advice offered by experienced industry professionals.  Students do not receive academic credit points for participation however you will accrue 8 blocks (rewards) which enables you to access other modules in Career Ready Advantage.


How will I be matched with a student? Can I choose a student?

Students will select Mentors with whom they wish to partner with, although please be assured we carefully screen and select students for this program to ensure your mentee is committed and prepared for the experience. Your answers on your Mentor registration form are used to inform the matching process.  

What is the deadline to apply?

We accept mentor applications any time of the year.  The program runs for 16 weeks commencing August 2017.

What am I expected to do? 
In this program, the mentee is tasked with driving the relationship forward by initiating a mentoring partnership request, managing meetings and setting specific learning goals and tasks. Your role is to be available to them during the program period to share your experience, knowledge, and perspective on their chosen areas of development.  

What is the time commitment?

  • Training – 30 minutes to an hour (online support and resources)
  • Email correspondence with student (frequency can be negotiated with mentee).
  • The number of meetings you have is negotiated with your mentee and is flexible however we suggest a minimum contact of one hour per fortnight.
  • Networking events (optional)

I want to mentor a student from a particular background. Is this possible?

Yes, as long as you have noted this in your Mentor registration form. The mentoring program is very much student driven therefore students initiate contact with Mentors. 

How are students selected for the program?

Students are required to complete an online membership profile and mentoring induction module. Mentoring preparation workshops are also offered however attendance is not compulsory. Students are not automatically eligible for the mentoring program instead they are selected based on the quality of their written membership profile. Students will need to submit a high quality written profile and demonstrate a commitment to the program.

What are the backgrounds of students?

The University boasts a diverse pool of students who are undertaking study across regional and city campuses. Mentees may also include students who have been identified with the following:
  • Indigenous Australian students
  • have a disability or chronic medical condition
  • from a regional or remote location background
  • mature-age/career-changer/people re-entering the workforce
  • refugee or recent migrant
  • from a non-English speaking background
Do I need to come on campus?
No, there is no requirement for you to come onto campus, however you have the option to attend workshops and networking events if you wish.  Meetings with your mentee need to be scheduled at a location and time which is suitable for you.

What if my mentee is experiencing a stressful time?

Academic and professional life can be very stressful for some students. Mentors, however, are not intended to serve as mental health professionals, legal professionals, or parents. The university can provide various resources that can assist with personal issues and difficult times. If at any time the mentoring relationship is extending beyond what you are comfortable with, please feel free to contact the Mentoring Program Coordinator via emailing mentoring@latrobe.edu.au

We can then address the situation by referring your mentee to the appropriate supports for assistance.