Career Ready Mentoring Program


The program connects current students with mentors from industry and alumni who can provide guidance, support and advice on a range of topics from career planning, preparing for the world of work and making the most of University life. Students will benefit from interacting with alumni and industry professionals to expand their professional networks and gain uniquely qualified insight into career areas of interest. Mentors will benefit from a rewarding program of learning and professional development and a chance to develop your leadership and coaching skills.


Program Timeframe

The mentoring program runs for 16 weeks commencing at the start of each semester. 

Program Structure

  • Participants meet as often as negotiated between mentee and mentor however we recommend a minimum contact of one hour per fortnight.
  • Students are responsible for the relationship and will initiate first contact
  • Meetings can take place where and when it is convenient for both participants. These include: meeting in person or audio or video conversations via skype or email.

About our students

The Career Ready Mentoring Program is open to all currently enrolled La Trobe University students. Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines.


  • Are enrolled in a La Trobe University course of study
  • Are seeking guidance on career planning and job options
  • Have applied for the program and been selected by the program coordinator (this is not a compulsory program)
  • Have demonstrated commitment to the program by completing an online mentoring induction.

About our Mentors

We invite industry professionals and members of the University’s alumni community to register as a mentor in this program.

Mentors in this program:

  • Have at least one year of professional experience
  • Are actively working or volunteering
  • Can be from any field and do not need to be working in a field related to their degree
  • Are able to commit to mentoring partnership over a 16 week time frame

Students come from a broad range of backgrounds and disciplines. Most students will have limited exposure to the professional world. Each student will be a different stage in their career journey and seeking mentors from a broad range of backgrounds and levels of experience.

Some students will be interested in partnering with a recent graduate in a similar field while other students would value meeting an experienced professional who can offer insight into multiple careers. We seek mentors to reflect this diversity.