“It was great for me being part of the process, and developing the connection with [my mentee]. I really like him a lot, and he is a future superstar in whatever he does. For me just being able to watch him grow is a reward in itself.”

Regan Carr

Career Ready Mentor 2016

“I think it’s so important to have someone like [my mentor] when I’m just beginning, because you don’t know the workforce and your network is limited. Having a mentor means there’s someone in your corner,”.

 “It’s good to have someone interested in your development who’s been very successful in their field – it gives you confidence."

Heath Mitchell
Career Ready Mentee, 2016

“Having completed an MBA at La Trobe 10 years ago, I found it very interesting to connect with and assist a current MBA student.   The experience of coaching an intelligence, motivated, and ambitious person outside of my normal work environment was very rewarding and helped me test and build my coaching skills”

“I got some great feedback from [my mentee] last week who has secured a new job and let me know that she doesn’t believe she would have been able to do that without my guidance – great feedback for me and a positive outcome for your program.”

Peter Brigham

Career Ready Mentor, 2016