Ask Alumni


The program connects current and recently graduated students with mentors from industry and alumni in a one-off conversation to discuss a specific question that the student has. The mentor can provide guidance, support and advice on a range of topics from career planning, preparing for the world of work and making the most of University life.

Students will benefit from learning how to ask questions of experienced professionals and gain first hand insight into their preferred career pathways. Mentors will benefit from a rewarding program of learning and professional development and a chance to develop your leadership and coaching skills.


Program Timeframe

Ask Alumni is a one-off, 30 minutes long, telephone or online meeting scheduled between the student and the mentor. Mentors and mentees can engage in the program at any time.

Appointments are booked in the Ask Alumni system. Students are expected to prepare their questions beforehand to ensure effective use of time. 

About our students and recent graduates

Ask Alumni is open to all currently enrolled and recently graduated La Trobe University students. Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines.


  • Are enrolled in or have recently completed a La Trobe University course of study
  • Are seeking guidance on career planning and job options
  • Have a specific question that is best answered by someone working in the field
  • Receive assistance in identifying and articulating their questions. 

About our Mentors

We invite industry professionals and members of the University’s alumni community to register as a mentor in this program.

Mentors in this program:

  • Have at least one year of professional experience
  • Are actively working or volunteering
  • Can be from any field and do not need to be working in a field related to their degree
  • Are able to accept appointments for 30 minute long telephone or online conversations with students, subject to their availability.