Information for Mentors

Helping a student in Ask Alumni allows you to provide insight, advice, and career guidance to future alumni and employees of your industry. Many of the everyday and ordinary things that you know about your field and workplace are a mystery to students. Shedding some light on this for students could increase their confidence in their pathways or help them reassess their decisions. 

This is an opportunity to give back to La Trobe university community and shape the future of industry and we welcome you to join us on this journey.

Mentor registrations are welcomed year-round.  The program is flexible and designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. The commitment is light: 30 minute long phone or online conversations, subject to your availability. 

Mentors in this program need to be currently employed or actively volunteering with at least one year of professional work experience. 


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The benefits of mentoring

Mentoring is often a rewarding experience and a chance to reflect on your own journey, skills and knowledge.

  • Develop a fresh perspective on your career
  • Enhance your coaching and leadership skills
  • Extend your professional network
  • Encourage your creative thinking
  • Help shape the future of your profession and community
  • Connect with the next generation of graduates
  • Support inclusion, diversity, and open communication
  • Feel valued by giving back
  • Reconnect or develop closer links with La Trobe University

The structure and matching process

This program is facilitated by University staff who will support you and your mentee throughout the program.

Program Structure

  • The program will commence from March 2019
  • Mentor registrations are accepted throughout the year
  • Students are responsible for initiating the first contact
  • The commitment is light: 30 minute long phone or online conversations, subject to your availability
  • Option to participate in networking events with other mentees and mentors

What should I expect from my mentee?

A beneficial and rewarding mentoring relationship is often dependent on a mentee's initiative to engage with their mentor.

We require mentees to demonstrate their commitment and interest prior to initiating an Ask Alumni Conversation. Students are encouraged to meet with a La Trobe Careers Adviser where they discuss their career goals and consider questions to discuss with their mentor.

As a general guideline, we expect that mentees will:

  • Initiate communications with their mentor after a connection is made
  • Consider topics of discussion and questions before initiating contact
  • Be respectful of the mentoring conversation and communicate in a courteous manner
  • Keep shared information confidential

The Mentor’s Role

Mentors challenge, motivate, inspire and empower mentees to make positive changes in their lives.
The role of the mentor is to work with the mentee to identify where they need greater insight and understanding and develop the mentee's own resourcefulness. A mentor guides the mentee to look at a variety of options to solve problems for themselves. Mentors need to be open to sharing their personal experiences and knowledge. It is through this exchange that students develop a better understanding of the professional world and the ability to make informed decisions on career paths and strategies post–study.


  • Provide guidance to students around self-reliance, motivation and confidence
  • Provide insight into particular professional fields and networks
  • Provide advice regarding subject selection, resume, job interview skills, internship opportunities, especially for those mentoring first/second year students
  • Provide a safe place for discussion without judgement
  • Challenge assumptions and preconceptions about career paths and how to succeed
  • Encourage self-directed reflection, analysis and problem solving
  • Assist students with goal-setting and decision-making
  • Assist student to develop a network of professional contacts in Australia, especially if mentoring an international student

Preparing for the mentoring conversation

We provide all mentors with access to online resources.