Information for Students

Mentoring is an opportunity to connect with an industry professional who is willing to work with you to help you achieve your professional development and employability goals. This program is designed specifically for once off conversations with a mentor.

Students may have a variety of reasons that they will seek guidance with a professional related question, such as:

  • Should I undertake further study?
  • I have an interview coming up, how should I prepare?
  • I'm having a conflict at work, do you have advice on how to deal with it?
  • I'm attending a professional networking event, what should I say?

This program can help you if you have a question relating to professional troubleshooting, career guidance or help towards an upcoming careers related decision. If you would like to engage with a mentor over a longer period of time, and work on some professional development goals together, we encourage you to consider the Career Ready 12 week Industry Mentoring Program.

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The structure and matching process

This program is flexible and designed for students to reach out directly to mentors in the program. Students can reach out to mentors at any time of the year, and mentors can opt in or out of the conversations.

Program Structure

  • Mentee registrations are accepted throughout the year
  • Students are responsible for initiating contact
  • The commitment is up to you, you seek help when required
  • Designed for a once off conversation

Eligibility Criteria

Currently enrolled La Trobe students over the age of 18 can apply at any stage of their degree.