Career Ready Mentoring Terms & Conditions

Health & Safety Requirements

Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet in public locations, such as convenient cafés, and not private residences. Should the mentee visit the mentor in their place of work, the mentor is to ensure that the visit adheres to the appropriate occupational health and safety policies and procedures.


Confidentiality should be maintained by both parties to help foster sharing and meaningful discussion through an honest and trusting relationship. Confidentiality should also be maintained beyond the relationship itself and even in the circumstance that the mentorship is terminated. However, a breach of confidentiality is warranted in the extreme circumstance when it is required to maintain someone’s personal safety or when legally obligated to do so.

Mentorship Matching

Care is given to ensure mentors and mentee’s are appropriately matched to ensure that both parties get the most from the program. Typically, this is based on the party’s alignment to certain disciplines and other factors. However, given the limited and varying backgrounds of mentees and mentors, a well aligned match cannot always be guaranteed. In such a case, the mentor or mentee will be carried over into the next intake pool where a new suitable match may become available.

Mentor Relationship

The system allows mentors and mentees to determine the direction and goals of the mentorship so long as those goals are aligned with the mentee’s career development or study. Participation in MIM is voluntary and either party can end the relationship at any time.


The Menteer platform is a widely used program that assists in finding mentors and mentees an appropriate match. The program was developed by a non-profit organisation in Toronto Canada called Career Skills Incubator and is implemented for the Guild by a company called Giant Step Inc. in Toronto Canada. Personal information provided by Users (including, but not limited to, all students, mentees, mentors, administrators and employees) will be stored in facilities provided by a third party hosting provider called Microsoft Azure locked only use servers in Australia.

Users agree not to use the Menteer Platform for any purpose that is unlawful. Further, Users agree not to act in any way that might burden, impair, disable or damage the Platform itself or other Users of the Platform.

T&C Breaches

Any breaches in the policy and standards mentioned here my result in termination of the mentorships at the discretion of the program coordinators. The parties involved will typically be given the opportunity to comment prior to a decision been made should a breach be found.