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The Industry Mentoring Program is an opportunity for La Trobe University students to connect with an Industry Professional, who may also be a La Trobe graduate (alumni), in a 12-week mentoring relationship. Students are matched with mentors based on key interests, education, and career aspiration alignment.

The mentoring partnership is flexible and unique to the agreement formed between mentor and mentee. La Trobe University staff are available to help guide relationships when required.

The program is designed for students to connect with industry, expand professional networks and work on unique employability related professional development goals. Industry Mentoring is offered as part of the suite of opportunities and programs offered to all La Trobe students through the Career Ready Advantage Award.

The program runs for 12 weeks, 3 times a year:

Semester 1 Round: March – June
Semester 2 Round: August – November
Summer Round: November – February

Program Structure:

The matching of mentors to mentees is administrated by Industry Mentoring staff and is based on the profiles built by participants. Alignment will be based on study and career background and aspirations, as well as professional development goals. Briefings are run in the lead up to each round, and all participants are kept up to date on progress.

Once in a mentoring connection, participants will have access to a range of resources and tasks through the mentoring platform, including functionality to map individual goals.

Industry Mentoring is designed to be flexible to each unique mentoring connection. Participants will complete a Mentoring Commitment in their first meeting which will prompt discussion and allow for a negotiated and agreed plan for the 12-week period. Administration is available throughout the 12 weeks to offer guidance if needed.

Time commitment & location:

The flexibility of Industry Mentoring extends to the time commitment required and the mode in which you and your mentor choose to communicate. We suggest a minimum of 3-4 meetings over the 12-week program, with email contact in between as needed. Meetings can be in person or online, depending on location, and you can give preference on this when signing up to the program.


Why Mentoring?

Mentoring is an opportunity to connect with an industry professional who is willing to work with you to help you achieve your professional development and employability goals, in a relaxed environment outside the classroom and workplace.

What can you gain from the Industry Mentoring Program?

- Support from an industry professional to set and/or discuss career goals​
- Connect with industry and expand your professional network​
- Develop confidence communicating with industry professionals​
- Learn first-hand about the day-to-day roles in your future profession​
- Help map career progression​
- Take part in professional development opportunities​
- Exposure to further professional opportunities ​ ​

The Industry Mentoring Program also contributes towards the Career Ready Advantage Award.

“The program was incredibly helpful, as it provided me with the opportunity to interact extensively with an experienced professional in the sector and clarify countless doubts I had, obtain feedback on future professional plans, and develop a sounder idea of what is achievable after University.” - Joao Paulo, Mentee


Industry Mentoring is open to all currently enrolled La Trobe University students who are aged 18 and over, at any stage of their degree. Students in their penultimate or final year of study are encouraged to participate.

Once you have joined the program you are required to attend a briefing session in the lead up to the next mentoring round. Once you have attended a briefing, you will be considered for a mentoring connection.

“The La Trobe Industry Mentoring Program was a great way to meet La Trobe Alumni and I feel like no matter who you are matched with, there is always something you can learn from the program.” - Stephanie, Mentee

We accept registrations at any time of the year, ready for the next round of mentoring.

Register as a Mentee


Thank you for considering being involved with the La Trobe Industry Mentoring Program. This program gives you the opportunity to connect with a La Trobe student and to offer support in a meaningful and personalised way as they navigate the world of work.


Mentors in this program need to be currently employed with at least two years of professional work experience. La Trobe alumni are encouraged to apply, and we also welcome applications from other industry professionals.

The benefits of mentoring

There are many benefits of mentoring, including:

- Hear fresh perspectives from your mentee​
- Develop leadership, coaching and mentoring skills ​
- Reflect on your knowledge and work practices​
- Invest in the future workforce and give back to your industry ​
- Give back to La Trobe University (for La Trobe Alumni)​
- Broadening your network 

“The mentoring program is a great way of keeping current. It is exciting dealing with young recruits, that exhibit high energy and enthusiasm. It is a real opportunity to give back, whilst simultaneously learning from your mentee. A very rewarding experience.” - Tony, Industry Mentor

What should I expect from my mentee?

Mentees are responsible for driving the mentoring relationship. All students are required to attend a briefing in the lead up to a connection, which runs through expectations as well as tips on how to best prepare for mentoring.

The Industry Mentoring Team develop engagement materials for all participants in the program and are on-hand if you encounter any issues during your mentoring round.

Mentor briefing

In the lead up to a mentoring round, optional information sessions are held online for mentors to engage in. These sessions cover mentoring tips, as well as the program outline and expectations. The session is also recorded and made available to all participants. Other resources can be accessed through the mentoring platform, and staff are also available to assist if required.

Signing up as a mentor is a simple process. We accept registrations at any time of the year, ready for the next round of mentoring.

Register as a Mentor


If you have any further questions or would like more information about this program, please contact the Industry Mentoring Team via